Hanson School District

Following Thanksgiving break, the Hanson High School career class participated in mock interviews.

The career class consists of sophomores preparing for future careers.

On Tuesday, November 11, to Thursday, November 13, the students participated in mock interviews with specialists from Mitchell’s Department of Labor. To prepare for the interviews, students filled out and perfected a job application, identified skills, discussed the importance of appearance, and practiced answering common interview questions.

Careers class teacher, Mrs. Kelli Endorf, feels this experience allows students to get firsthand experience to test out their interview skills.

“Even though it makes the students uncomfortable, mock interviews are beneficial to them and their future,” said Mrs. Endorf.

“It was a learning experience that I’m going to apply to my life.” Overall, students performed well and are relieved that they are done,” commented Hanson sophomore, Eliza Oltmanns.