(For students in grades Pre/K - 5th Grade)

Beavers Island is an after-school, educational enrichment program that serves many interests. It is open Mondays - Fridays from 3:30-6:00 PM. During that time we have activities that include reading and math skills, recess, snack, homework/learning time, arts and crafts, computers, and many other unique opportunities. It also provides children a safe place to go until mom and dad get home from work.

Full Time Cost: $105.00 per month per child (3-5 Days/week)

Part Time Cost:  $75 per month per child (1-2 Days/week)

Our program operates according to the school calendar -- it is not available when school is not scheduled.

If you would like more information, or would like to sign up- please talk to Ann Bartscher at school .(239-4387 or ann.bartscher.k12.sd.us).

  • Activities focused on reading, science, and math skills

  • Provide assistance with homework and school assignments

  • Many learning activities done in a relaxed and playful manner that include games, arts/crafts, computers, puzzles, and group activities

  • Community involvement from volunteers and the Hanson County Extension Office

  • Kids will be involved in community service projects

  • Snack and recess time provided

  • Many new friendships are formed in the after-school program

  • Parent involvement encouraged!

  • Any student that may be having difficulty completing assignments or needing more 1:1 assistance may be recommended by the teacher to the parent for their child to attend this program.

Funding is supported through attendance fees, donations, fundraising activities, and volunteer efforts. Please ask how you can help support our valuable program!!